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Career Background

After excelling academically in high school, Mohammed went on to study dentistry and quickly realised it did not align with his true calling. He made the difficult decision to change to a BA in communications after his first year, and majored in Psychology and Philosophy.  


However, these majors still didn’t fully resonate with his Higher Self and he was determined to understand more about the mind and how it integrated with the body’s energetics, emotions and Consciousness. After living abroad for a while and immersing himself in extensive spiritual literature and self-development, he became aware that the inner world is deeply connected to our outer reality. His passion for Truth and his desire to understand how we are truly meant to function as human beings set him on his path to study coaching.


Mohammed would qualify as a life coach before doing uniqueness and strengths coaching, which looked at “what is right” with the individual, instead of just focusing on shadows or disorders. In time, he saw that one’s career is the most impactful space for people to discover their true selves. This influenced him to become a career coach and help others gain the same self-awareness and clarity on their career path.


In a bid to round out his skills, he began to explore his healing abilities and did a 2-year course in complimentary health. It gave him a better understanding of the body and the energetic system, and how emotional and mental wellbeing impact directly on the physiology, allowing him to be a more effective coach.


This has also allowed him to integrate these different dimensions in his work. He remains a continuous seeker whose passion for learning and self-exploration sees him continually


Mohammed is the founder of getbliss. As a certified Master Career coach, VIP Life coach (Advance Trained), Strength and Uniqueness coach, facilitator and healer, he blends different coaching fields and healing sciences to create a unique, holistic and integrated coaching model for personal fulfillment. He also mentors aspiring trainee coaches in his capacity as a New Insights Supervisor coach, and has shared life and career advice on numerous TV and radio shows, including SABC’s Afternoon Express and Hectic Nine-9.


To date he has amassed over 15 years’ experience in coaching and personal development, during which he has aided many people from all walks of life to know their true self, and ultimately own their true power. His sessions are geared towards helping them express their strengths and uniqueness with greater clarity and insight, and discover the lives they were meant to live. 


As a healer he has extensive knowledge of how the physical body, the mind, the emotions and Higher Consciousness come together. He integrates this knowledge in a simple yet effective way to create lasting transformation. He currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where he conducts one-on-one sessions, group coaching, workshops and retreats. 




The need for coaching...


Young people today are more confused and lost than ever, overwhelmed by information from media, technology and life expectations. Combined with pressure to achieve and succeed at school and in the workplace, more and more young people feel confused and stressed out, resorting to external coping mechanisms to carry on. A recent online survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation has found the following statistics:

60% of young people (aged 18 to 35) feel so stressed by pressure to succeed, they feel overwhelmed or unable to cope at school or in the workplace.

47% of young people feel so stressed by body image and appearance, they feel inadequate and suffer from low self-esteem.

57% of young people feel so stressed because of fear of making mistakes, they feel stuck and confused.

39% of young people say they have experienced suicidal feelings because of stress.

29% of young people say they have self-harmed because of high levels of stress.

Given the realities of peer pressure, social media and technology, it is no wonder young people are more confused and dis-empowered than ever on how to navigate the future.


How Life and Career Coaching can help…

Life and Career coaching is an empowering platform to help one gain greater clarity and insight into who they are and what they want. The initial focus when a young person shows signs of confusion or “acting out” is to refer them to a psychologist. While this can be helpful in extreme cases where the young person may be dealing with deep emotional or psychological issues, in most cases it is merely a case of them needing clarity, balance and a way to align with their true self. Along with providing clear focus, an action plan and powerful tools to navigate modern stressors, a coach will help them to change their reality and reach their full potential.





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