What if you had a clear SYSTEM to guide you back to your state of Bliss? A roadmap that can guide you to your highest potential so that you can EXPRESS and EXPERIENCE you best life! You are a powerful Creator waiting to be unleashed. Like a seed that is dormant, you have the ability to become the giant tree. Once you have greater clarity and insight into who you are and what you want, along with tools and techniques to align with your true source of infinite potential, you can and will design the life of your dreams.


Imagine experiencing inner and outer bliss, following a successful and fulfilling career path, enjoying great health and feeling balanced, experiencing true inner joy and empowerment and sharing these benefits with the people you love.


Our programs have been tried and tested with amazing results in a SIMPLE AND PRACTIACL WAY to ensure your success.

Please note: This is a basic outline of our programs.

Each program is further customised according to your needs. 

Who is this for?

This program is best suited for you if you need:

Career clarity, life clarity, help choosing a path to follow after school, you are taking a GAP year, or you are unhappy in your current career field.




What will I gain from this program?

This power-packed program will provide greater insight into all facets of your uniqueness so that you are clearer about who you are and what you want in life. The process includes assessments, self-reflection exercises, mind-mapping, a clear vision and direction going forward.



A brief outline of the program:

1. BLISS Model - Understand the Bigger Picture

2. Personality Profile - Discover your unique design

3. Strengths & Intelligence – Uncover your talents and gifts

4. Interest & Passion - Get clarity on what you love

5. Values – Recognise what is important for you right now

6. Vision Statement - Clarify your purpose for this season

Who is this for?

This program is designed for you if you are:

Struggling with work-life balance, feeling demotivated, lacking energy and have high levels of stress.



What will I gain from this program?

This program uses a multi-faceted approach to attaining balance. This includes meditation techniques, mindfulness exercises, re-organising your lifestyle, a self-regulation tool-kit and learning how to stay centred through life's challenges.



A brief outline of the program:

1. Discover the 4 Systems and 6 Human Needs

2. Mind Balancing (Clarity) – Learn mindfulness and re-frame Thoughts

3. Body (Vitality) - Meet physical needs and tune into Body Intelligence

4. Emotions (Connectivity) – Practice Energetic Awareness and raise Emotional Intelligence

5. Balance Chart - Integrate a Higher Consciousness with elements of mind, body and emotions to create a practical system to maintain balance.

Who is this for?

This program is designed for you if you who want greater self -esteem, self-confidence, emotional control, self- discipline, self-mastery, and to re-train your mind and emotional body for greater success.



What will I gain from this program?

This power-packed, in-depth program provides powerful tools and techniques to help you gain greater self-mastery and control over your life. This includes mind tools, energy techniques and deeper awareness into your true source of power.



A brief outline of the program:

1. Take charge of your life through the EMPOWER model and set the pathway to responsibility and freedom

2. Set boundaries with Self and others

3. Self-love - Understand and embrace the true concept of self-acceptance and build lasting self-worth

4. Beliefs - Remove limiting thoughts and re-frame mindsets. (RE-ACT Model)

5. Emotional Empowerment - Build EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence)

Who is this for?

This program is designed for you if:

You lack motivation, feel a creative block, procrastinate and feel stuck, lack excitement and a lust for life.



What will I gain from this program?

This program teaches you to tap into more of your right brain and intuitive centre (thus activating intuition), use your subconscious mind to create from a higher intelligence and ultimately manifest your desired reality. This is a key program in learning how to align with a higher intelligence.



A brief outline of the program:

1. Intuition - Tap into Higher Intelligence and get "In-Spirit"

2. Creativity - Learn how to access your creative resource and become a powerful creator

3. Visualisation - Train your subconscious to create new patterns of reality

4. Flow - Align with the natural laws of the universe and feel your life become effortless

5. Staying Connected – Learn mindfulness techniques to keep you in the flow-state

Who is this for?

This program is designed for you if:

You want a focused plan that guarantees results, need support and guidance to reach your goals, require help staying on track and avoiding distractions, and desire guidance towards working smarter not harder. Have fun as you develop your ability to grow consciously and attract your desired vision.



What will I gain from this program?

This program has power-packed tools and techniques that provide a clear, detailed system for achieving your goals, discovering greater self-control, and unlocking the power to create your desired reality.



A brief outline of the program:

1. GAS - Create a step-by-step Goal Achievement System with weekly micro-movements to guarantee results

2. Get organised - Learn how to de-clutter, remove "time leaks" and create a prioritisation table

3. Blissipline - Learn how to set boundaries with yourself and build an inner strength that will boost attention and productivity and overcome procrastination

4. Conscious Growth - Understand the principle of conscious vs unconscious creation and how this impacts your results and growth.

5. Law of Attraction – Benefit from the Practical Application of the law, combined with advanced techniques to guarantee that you reach your desired results

Who is this for?

This program is designed for you if:

You want to accelerate your progress using tried and tested techniques, work with the universal laws, experience the process of creating and manifesting your desired reality, and fully experience the bliss state.



What will I gain from this program?

This power-packed program gives you all the tools and techniques to fast track your goals, teaching you to work with the universal laws and become a powerful co-creator, and achieve the true state of bliss by merging your inner and outer reality.



A brief outline of the program:

1. Understand the Universal Laws of Success

2. Micro-movements – Receive a detailed action plan to reach your desired Vision

3. PAVE Technique – Follow a Step-by-step process to support your outer goal with inner techniques that work with your higher Intelligence and the universal laws

4. Manifesting - Learn how to be a powerful co-creator and merge your inner and outer world to attract your ideal state of Bliss

5. Blissful living -Enjoy the process of expressing and experiencing your highest Self in the present moment


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