Welcome to getbliss – Life and Career coaching for youth and young adults. This is a space to help you discover your true Self, gain clarity and direction and awaken to your highest potential.


Gain greater insight into who you are and what you want in your career and personal life..

Learn how to take control of your life and gain inner and outer balance...


Remove limiting mindsets and emotional blocks that are holding you back from thriving...


Learn how to tap into your intuition and creativity so that you remain in a state of flow...


Reach your goals by creating a clear action plan and put systems in place to keep you on track...


Learn the power of visualisation, attraction and manifesting your best life...




Thinking of taking a gap year? Explore our gap-year program An intensive 4-month program that will help you gain greater clarity, direction and inspiration along with practical assistance in job shadowing, and making the best career choice for your future.    


Imagine experiencing inner and outer bliss, following a successful and fulfilling career path, enjoying great health and feeling balanced, experiencing true inner joy and empowerment, and sharing these benefits with the people you love. Our programs have been tried and tested with amazing results and we are confident that you will gain greater clarity, insight, direction, empowerment and success.


"I believe that we have everything we need within us to thrive"


When we discover and express our strengths, talents and gifts whilst overcoming our shadows and limiting mind-sets, we overcome fear-based thinking and step into our bliss.

As a coach, my role is to facilitate this process of self-exploration and guide you back to your true Self, so that you can fully experience the joy, freedom and expression of who you truly are. As Galileo Galilei said:

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.


Mohammed (Founder Of Get Bliss)



Bliss is our natural state of Being. When we come into this world we have all the potential to BE, DO and HAVE whatever we desire. The problem is that most of us get conditioned from a very young age with societal norms and limiting beliefs that block us from expressing and experiencing our natural strengths, gifts and talents.


Through peer pressure and external noise from social media, television, and systemic norms etc., so many young people lose track of who they really are and what gives them a true sense of bliss.


The reason most of us struggle through life is because we have never been taught how to balance our inner world with the outer world. Deep down we already know why we are here and what our path to happiness and success is. Our programs are a guide to help you gain greater clarity, empowerment and success.



Emma Butler
Chief Stewardess/Hotel Manager now aspiring Photographer
Mohammed has a true gift to heal. His approach is gentle yet firm. He runs a professional business. I was always at ease with him and felt safe and in capable hands. He managed to unlock the magic in me and bring me back to the person I lost along the way: My true Self. I can only describe this journey as profound. Profound personal growth, profound acceptance and love, profound soul gratification. Thank you!! You saved my Life!
Daniel Denissov
Engineering Student
Coaching with Mohammed has really helped me feel inspired to go for my goals again. I have learnt how to relax under pressure and stressful situations and feel much lighter. I feel a better connection to my consciousness which is a huge help with many aspects of life. My time management skills have improved as well. I recommend the coaching to anyone who is feeling lost as Mohammed will definitely help you find the direction you are looking for.
Rauna Mutumbulua
Meeting Mohammed was such a special gift. He is a very kind and compassionate human being and experiencing him was just extraordinary. He helped me gain the clarity that I needed regarding my career. He did it masterfully and skilfully using questions to dig deep and it was all so worthwhile. It was challenging and frustrating at times, but he never gave up and he went the extra mile by putting in more time when it was needed. I felt like giving up at times but he kept pushing, so gently, yet so firmly. It was this gentle pushing that helped me turn on the light bulb so that I could see with clarity. I am still is awe of what I am able see and do as a result.
Perhaps the magic is in the sound of his soothing voice. I don’t know. I tried to figure it out but I can’t quite put my finger on it! All I have to say is ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much’. I wish you nothing but the best!